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Product Description
Since the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Jiahe tea oil has been known for their “clear”, “sweet” and “pure” quality at home and abroad. Jiajin pure tea oil is extracted from the pure, full, and fresh high-quality tea oil nuts as the raw material grown in the Jiahe hills and mountains area, which are refined by using the unique pressing process. In addition to retaining the authentic tea nutrition, Jiajin pure tea oil also has the “clear”, “sweet” and “pure” taste of mountainous tea oil, being highly favored by modern people, based on the idea of the company on advocating healthy high-quality life through high quality products.

Features of Jiajin oil tea
Natural fragrance, natural flavor, natural color, not turbidity, no precipitation, no foaming, no bulging from the pot, not scorching on the bottom of the pot, no blacking, good taste, good absorption

Suitable groups 
The middle-aged, the elderly, children, pregnant women

Press pure tea oil
Further refined on the basis of tea oil; we insist on extracting the “virgin oil” of tea seeds. The packaging is exquisite oil bottles and boxes, which are the excellent gifts for friends and family.

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