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Message President

       Thanks to all our friends and colleagues for their attention, trust and support for Jiahe Jiajin Industrial Co., Ltd. Your concern is the basis for development of our company; your trust is the driving force of our development; your support is the guarantee for the development of our company.
      Today, as the edible oil industry is flourishing, in the face of new market opportunities and challenges at home and abroad, Jiahe Jiajin Industrial Co., Ltd. should give full play to their own advantages, adhere to the experience in honest and sincere services, and inherit the brand built by Jiajin people, working hard and forging ahead in a down-to-earth manner. We will uphold the concept of being people-centered, and being customer demand-oriented, and stick to the fine operational management, promote structural adjustment, achieve the upgrading of product structure, continuously improve product quality, increase product varieties, research and develop diversified new products, vigorously develop new markets, expand sales, ensure the simultaneous growth and consumption of production and sales of products, offer high-efficiency and high-quality services, and adapt ourselves to various domestic and international markets and demands at all levels, and contribute our efforts to building and constructing China's first-class enterprise of tea oil brand.
      The growth of Jiajin is inseparable from the care and support from leaders at all levels and all sectors of Jiajin, the utmost help from distributors, and the love and care from Jiajin product for our consumers. Today, Jiajin is facing both opportunities and difficulties, but Jiajin is doomed to face a bright and exciting tomorrow! Jiajin is maturing, and it will be more passionate. The combination of maturity and passion will surely create infinite power. “The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit”. We firmly believe that Jiajin will write a new chapter and create new glories!
      I hereby, on behalf of all employees of Jiahe Jiajin Industrial Co., Ltd., would like to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt good wishes to leader at all levels and friends from all circles of life for their support and love for the company.
      Please stay tuned to our website, and offer us your valuable advices. We sincerely hope that you will support and trust us as always.