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Corporate Culture

Meaning of Jiajin logo:
The logo is in the shape of a bud consisting of tea seed oil fruits and oil droplets. As the carrier of the brand image of Jiahe Jiajin, it expresses the following cultural connotations:
I. The gold and green colors constitute the shape of a “fruit”. The green color represents the primitive ecology of the products and gold symbolizes refined oil, implying the products. The edible oil processed from high-quality primitive ecology plants summarizes the processes of creating high-quality oil of the company, and thereby expresses the company’s idea to produce healthy green products, and conveys the characteristics of products and the industry. The three fruits implies the company’s development philosophy - “one gives birth to two, two to three, and three to the unlimited”. The whole image resembles a budding flower, suggesting that the company is like thriving like blooming flowers.
II. The lower part of the bud is an oil drop, which indicates the edible oil refined from seed fruits, as well as the harvest after work, conveying a vibrant, fruitful brand connotation.
III. Oil droplet: it is the straightforward expression of the “oil image” of the products, indicating the company’s philosophy of “starting from small things”, which effectively reflects the close relationship between products and life, with the effect of a finishing touch.
IV. The graphics is perfectly integrated with the English name of the company, expressing the company’s internationalized image style and the strategic thinking of the international development concept. This logo not only suits with the aesthetic taste of the Chinese people, but also complies with the design language of international graphic identity, simple and clear at a glance.

Slogans of Hunan Jiahe Jiajin Industrial Co., Ltd.
1.Corporate culture slogan: zero defects in management, zero distance in service, zero complaints from customer
2.Code of conduct slogan: pursue careers with perseverance, treat friends with kindness, return customers with a grateful heart
3.Corporate leadership slogan: establish credibility, and join hands for the common goal
4.Business execution power slogan: actions go first, and gains or loses go the second
5.Business management slogan: standardized and scientific management, all-member innovation management
6.Quality slogan: careful, meticulous, conscientious, and always satisfactory quality
7.Safety slogan: safety is the lifeline of staff, and staff is responsible for safety
8.Lean production slogan: pursue excellent process, enjoy perfect results
9.Encouragement slogan: winners never quite; a quitter will never succeed
10.Human Resource slogan: select the right people, offer them equal opportunities, educate people diligently, and conduct strict management
11.Corporate team-building slogan: to be of one heart in order to go further, and to be of one mind in order to become closer
12.Business marketing slogan: be customer centric, and strive to exceed customer expectations
13.Employees attainments slogan: Your conscious contributions bring glory to the company
14.Employees study and training slogan: human being’s capacity is limited, but their effort is infinite
15.Corporate civilization slogan: to respect others is to respect yourself, and to make it easy for others is to make it easy for ourselves
16.Corporate finance slogan: implement comprehensive budget management, and guide the company's business development, and effectively reduce operating costs
17.Enterprise storage and warehouse slogan: strictly comply with the inventory system, and ensure the consistency between accounts and goods
18. Meeting rooms slogan: no discussion subjects, no meetings; where there is a meeting, there is a resolution; all resolutions must be put into actions; and all actions are result oriented. We always cherish the pursuit of Jiajin; we see the passion to service consumers, in response to the changes in the market; to enjoy the natural green food is consumer's desire; to pursue health and return to nature is our sincere brand dedicated to human beings, which is the foundation of our development. Integrity is our promise; quality is our core wealth. Specialization is the guarantee for our success.